We provide tax mitigation ideas that can help in the following areas –

Income Tax

We offer a number of strategies to enable high-income earners to mitigate their exposure to tax. Such strategies are applicable to both the self-employed and the employed. In addition we have strategies that are of benefit to "owner-managers" of companies.

Corporation Tax

We have a number of strategies that can mitigate corporation tax. Our tools can be applied to both current year and retained profits. We are able to use contractual based solutions, without the need to use employee benefit trusts (EBT's) in most circumstances.

Inheritance Tax

We are able to provide solutions and planning that will mitigate an estate's exposure to Inheritance Tax, following death. As with most areas of taxation it is often better to plan for such eventualities as early as possible.

Capital Gains Tax

We have strategies that can help in circumstances pre-disposal and post disposal. With capital gains it is very often best to plan ahead as mitigation opportunities post-disposal are more difficult to achieve than in other areas of tax.

Stamp Duty Land Tax

On property purchases in excess of £500,000 Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) is charged at a rate of 4%. Although not high in percentage terms it can add unwanted costs to property transactions. We have solutions that mitigate SDLT in both residential and commercial circumstances. The majority of fees tend to be success based.


Marathon Tax LLP are not authorized investment advisers, however we do have access to a range of investment opportunities that can bring both significant commercial returns and tax benefits. These encompass a wide variety of scenarios including pensions and add to the more traditional areas of planning that we offer.

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